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Create NFTs from your social media memories and get exclusive content to your fans.

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Why Social Media NFTs?


Each post depicts a unique moment in your digital (hi)story.


Your fans' likes and comments indicate the posts market potential.


Add exclusive content for the NFT owner to unlock and enjoy.

β€œFans spend money to have authentic interaction with the creator. NFTs make it possible for them to support you and to make money as a result of your success.”

In-focus Creator

Boris Baldinger
Business photographer with a fable for nature
Ig post
NFT Exclusive content for Buyergift
Photo for your wall
Written story of the photography
Access to photographers virtual show

Dear creator

We know it is hard to earn a living as a creator when others dictate the rules. We want to help you secure your community and create more freedom when choosing projects.

It's time to transition the creator economy to its next evolutionary stage. And we are here to help.

Start Earning with Zero Fees

Turn your best social media content into valuable collectibles and offer them to your biggest fans.

1. Connect

Connect your social media accounts.

2. Mint

Create a collection of NFTs on clout.art.

Free list
3. Free list

List it on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.

4. Display

Build a walk-in 3D gallery on Onecyber.

5. Promote

Make a plan and promote it on your social media.

Sell & Earn
6. Sell & Earn

Collect earnings for each NFT sell or resell.

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πŸ‘ as well as many other useful things

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