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We help creators generate REVENUE, through our Instagram MINTING platform while REWARDING the PATRONS who brought them on board.

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Clout Patrons are’s original collection of personalized NFTs on the Hedera Hashgraph network. They have access to the Forum, an assembly of Patrons, and the exclusive community of Clout Patron NFT owners. It’s where all important decisions take place.

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  • Hedera & Partnership
  • Whitepaper Published
  • Clout Patron NFT Collection, 1st Ed.: Co-lab Artist and Concept Art Unveiling
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  • 2022 Celebrity NFT Collection Lineup Announced
  • Clout Patron NFT Collection Mint (mint date announced soon)
  • Patronages Formed, Apprentices Recruited
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  • First Featured Creator NFT Collection Launched
  • First Forum Vote
  • Mint NFTs from TikToks and Raw Files (jpeg, gif, mp4 etc.)
  • Celebrity NFT Collections: 3rd Drop LIVE
  • Community VIP Event and Festive Giveaway
  • 2023 Roadmap Unveil >> The Road to Museum of Independent Creators

Meet our Team

Jure Zih

Founder, CEO

Krešo Gotovac

COO, VP of Product

Eva Jeršin Jakljevič

Chief Design Officer

Matej Zrimšek

Full-stack developer

Miha Žnidar

Full-stack developer

Nal Lukšič

Blockchain developer

Til Starc


Urban Jeršin

Community Manager


What is is the ultimate web3 community-driven sourcing, curation and launch platform for contemporary creators and their patrons.

What are Clout Patron NFTs? (What is Exclusive Collection?)

Clout Patrons are’s exclusive, original collection of personalized NFTs with powerful utilities, full IP rights, and custom traits.

Why should I buy Exclusive NFT?

Because you get to be the boss in the great community, own a part of the brand, and win street cred for helping independent creators. Oh, and did we mention you will be curating the most amazing independent art collection out there?

What is the total supply?

The first edition will consist of only 999 Clout Patron NFTs. There will be 111 free-of-change OG NFTs distributed among the Discord community, for detailed information join our Discord. 400 NFTs will be offered in a public sale and further 333 will be awarded to SWAY token holders.

What is the minting price?

The minting price for Clout Patron public sale will be announced soon. The price will be flat.

How many NFTs can I mint?

With one wallet address, you can mint 1 OG Clout Patron NFT.

How do I mint the Exclusive OG collection?

First join our Discord and get instructions on how to enter the whitelist. On the day of the mint only whitelisted wallets will be eligible to mint a Clout Patron NFT.

Are there any surprises?

Perhaps you may find it surprising that immediately after the mint, your Clout Patron NFT won’t hold any art yet. It is because you will have to claim it next. Check out our whitepaper for more information. Other than that, the biggest surprise may well come from how remarkable will become!

What is the Exclusive Collection Utility token?

The only utility tokens are Clout Patron NFTs. Own one and you got yourself universal access.

Can I sell my Clout Patron NFT?

Sure. At the moment you can use

Where can I get more information?

Check out our whitepaper and join the Discord community.

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